小池 晶

1989> 青山学院女子短期大学卒

2001>  ウェストミンスター大学 英国 Ceramics卒

2001-2003>  英国ロンドンにて作陶活動(Studio at Hackney , Cockpit Arts Studio at Deptfordにて)

2002>  Setting Out -グループ展- Contemporary Ceramics ,London

Ceramic Contemporaries 4-グループ展- Royal College of Art, London

2003>  One Year On-グループ展-Business design Centre, Islington

2003-2004>  茨城県の陶芸家筒井修氏に師事

2004>  茨城県笠間市窯業指導所 釉薬科修了

2009>  横浜市に陶房を構える


Curriculum Vitae


Ceramic Artist


1998-2001 B.A. Hons. Ceramics First Class, University of Westminster

Group Exhibitions

2002 'Setting Out'- Contemporary Ceramics, London

'Ceramic Contemporaries 4'- Royal College of Arts, London

'One year on '- Business Design Centre, London Eton

Applied Art, Eton The Red Gallery, Hampshire

2001 'New Designers'- Business Design Center, London


2002 Craft Potters Association Award, Bursary- 'Setting Out' Exhibition'

Rufford Ceramic Centre Residency Award- 'Ceramic Contemporaries 4'


2003 Artist in Residence at Rufford Craft Centre, Nottinghamshire Workshop

Rufford Craft Centre, Nottinghamshire

Toothill School, Nottinghamshire


2004 Glaze technique certificate course at industrial ceramics engineering centre in Kasama, Ibaraki Japan

Work experience

2003 - 2004 the studio of Osamu Tsutsui, Kasama, Japan

Artist Statement

We are all part of nature. Whether we live in the modem technologically advanced world, or in the utter wild every individual bio'mechanism follows the natural saw completely. One reason l have empathy with animals is that they provide us with lucid spirits in these naturalcircumstances.


Another of my concems is the memory we hold individually, but as a hidden・・nostalgic fragment which is the clue to the whole stream of nature and human history. My idea of man and nature raises questions about strength and vulnerability, etemity and mutability, certainty and uncertainty.

l work by collecting and observing the facts of nature; exploring the traces of them with my imagination, which also includes the environment around animals such as the climate and geological conditions. l try to create another reality in an abstract way.

The horse is one of my favorites; an adorable and inspiring animal・・its ethereal and etemal quality explored in every mythology in the world. lt has a strong connection to humanity and human civilization in history.


Through my ceramic practice, it is a significant matter for me to communicate with the materials l use for making, such as clay, metal, and wire. Such communication can give me the inspiration forfurtherdialogue between my themes and materials, and l try to explore some suggestions between them cohesively in certain making techniques. lt is challenging・・but exciting.

However, l am aware that my current ceramic practice lies on the extension line of my childhood play with clay. Touching clay breaks the boundaries of time and place. The smell of clay evokes a hidden memory, in which l am making some animal creatures without reflection, with great pleasure. This is perhaps my most compelling motivation for making animals in clay.

Akira Koike Curtis